Focus Your Audio is one of Vancouver's best kept secrets, however it won't be long for the world to realize just how thoughtful & beautiful their songs are. Well done!!” - Legendary Canadian Producer, Adam Hurstfield


Focus Your Audio

Vancouver-based duo Focus Your Audio's single, "On Your Own" comes as a follow up to their wildly successful single, "Over There." Focus Your Audio received national and international radio play and received rave reviews from around the world, including here at home by Canadian legend Ron Sexsmith. With "Over There" receiving over 100K streams since it's release and being featured in Canadian Beats, Aesthetic Magazine & Indie Week Canada 2020, it's easy to understand why they've been coined "one of Vancouver's best kept secrets" by legendary Canadian producer, Adam Hurstfield.

"On Your Own" was written for those who always need to leave and for the ones who ask them to stay. Lyrically penned from opposing points of view, this song is a gentle whisper of a heartfelt cry personifying the rawness of personal truth from every angle. "Not everyone we love chooses to stay and not everyone who asks us to stay understands why we can't." - Focus Your Audio

Released May 28th & receiving over 10,000 streams in it's first week, this new Indie-Folk, Roots-infused/Americana track was produced/engineered by Canadian music powerhouse Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother) and co-engineered by Karl Dicaire (Mother Mother, Iskwe, Big Wreck). With no limit to where this duo's vocal, lyrical & musical integrity can take them, be prepared for their innate ability to empathically capture the peaks and valleys of life and transcend it into songs of true experience.  

Focus Your Audio had the incredible opportunity to work with music executive, Rich Fayden. This collaboration brought the official EDM remix of "On Your Own (StoneBridge Mixes)" by Grammy nominated, Swedish DJ & record producer StoneBridge. Having dropped June 25th & receiving over 7,500 streams in it's first week of release, the remix was featured on SiriusXM StoneBridge BPM Mix Ch 51 July 3rd!!

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Shine Bright New West

Join us December 17th @ 8PM

Shine Bright New West is in Uptown New West with glorious lights and music! The
Uptown Business Association is celebrating the holiday season with live music on
the Uptown Live music stage and a brilliant lighting display starting Friday,
December 3 and continuing through December 18.  Take photos within a canopy
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Railway Stage & Beer Cafe - Vancouver, BC

Join us for our first live show in 18 months!! It's been too long. Live Acts Canada presents Jaron Chidiac, Focus Your Audio & Darby Yule for a night of incredible music. $13/ADV $15/DOOR. Doors open at 8PM - See you there friends!!

SiriusXM StoneBridge BPM Mix #291

On Your Own (StoneBrdge Mixes) Featured 07/03/2021

Newest release, "On Yor Own (StoneBridge Mixes) was featured on StoneBridge BPM Mix CH 51!!

What an amazing opportunity!!!

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"On Your Own" & "On Your Own (StoneBridge Mixes)

Both the original & remix version of "On Your Own" are connecting with listeners all over the world. Thank you to everyone who has been saving, streaming & sharing our songs. Wowzers - we're blown away by all of your love & support :)

Bridge Magazine

Featured on Official Instagram 05/31/21

New Music Alert "On Your Own" the newest single by Focus Your Audio is out now! This new Indie-Folk, Roots-infused/Americana track was produced/engineered by Canadian powerhouse Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother) & co-engineered by Karl Dicaire (Mother Mother, Iskwe, Big Wreck). Check it out!

Coffee Covers

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Often we're at home working on music DRINKING COFFEE! We thought why not combine the two and record some covers WHILE drinking coffee WITH you. Unfortunately this isn't a full service coffee bar (we wish!) - you'll have to make your own cup of joe! But we'll provide the tunes. Enjoy friends!!!

The Georgia Straight

On OUr Radar: Focus Your Audio Vancouver, BC - December 11, 2020

"The track delivers a strain of country that might be described as ethereal gothic, with thunderclap percussion and blackheart guitar leavened by McCarthur’s angels-and-whiskey vocals. The sunfaded video, beautifully shot by Jonathan Fluevog, smartly keeps things simple—forget clichés like pushing the washing machine down the stairs and smashing everything including the family urn, what we get is two people connecting in glorious nature."

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To think our music has reached 88 countries & touched 253K ears this year is mind blowing. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.... but know from us to you, we're so grateful you took that time. In a world with so many options you stopped by for a while and sang along with us. So grateful!