Focus Your Audio is one of Vancouver's best kept secrets, however it won't be long for the world to realize just how thoughtful & beautiful their songs are. Well done!!” - Legendary Canadian Producer, Adam Hurstfield


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"On Your Own"

Pre-Save our next single on May 15th

A song for the ones who need to always leave, and for the ones who ask them to stay. More details coming SOON!

So excited to share this beauty with you May 28th. Visit our Store now for the first of our merch available.

Coffee Covers

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Often we're at home working on music DRINKING COFFEE! We thought why not combine the two and record some covers WHILE drinking coffee WITH you. Unfortunately this isn't a full service coffee bar (we wish!) - you'll have to make your own cup of joe! But we'll provide the tunes. Enjoy friends!!!

Artists Behind The Music

Canadian Series - Crystal McGrath Calgary, AB - Feburary 22, 2021

We had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Crystal McGrath on The Artists Behind the Music Canadian Series. Check out the interview which includes playing "Over There" live for the first time since it's release and "Shades." Thank you again Crystal and everyone at The Artists Behind the Music for showcasing our music. 

Roots Music Canada

Gordy The Moose - Feburary 6, 2021

"This Vancouver-based duo just started releasing music in 2019, but so far so good by the sounds of things.  They’ve put together a very nice contemporary sound that merges folk, pop and a bit of Americana.  The band – nice name, by the way – is an east-meets-west pairing of Sarah McArthur, who grew up in Ontario and later settled in the Maritimes, and Bobby McAloney, who grew up in suburban Vancouver."

Dropout Entertainment

Indie Week 2020 - Benjamin Gibson Toronto, ON - January 25, 2021

"Bobby McAloney and Sarah McArthur are two artists from Vancouver British Columbia and two halves of Focus Your Audio. The team describes their music as somewhere between folk, Americana, and good old-fashioned rock and roll. The mix of sounds and the band’s unique and beautiful result is probably a result of the two’s unique upbringings."

The Georgia Straight

On OUr Radar: Focus Your Audio Vancouver, BC - December 11, 2020

"The track delivers a strain of country that might be described as ethereal gothic, with thunderclap percussion and blackheart guitar leavened by McCarthur’s angels-and-whiskey vocals. The sunfaded video, beautifully shot by Jonathan Fluevog, smartly keeps things simple—forget clichés like pushing the washing machine down the stairs and smashing everything including the family urn, what we get is two people connecting in glorious nature."

2020 Artist Wrapped

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To think our music has reached 88 countries & touched 253K ears this year is mind blowing. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.... but know from us to you, we're so grateful you took that time. In a world with so many options you stopped by for a while and sang along with us. So grateful!