"Over There"

SIngle - November 6, 2020

Vancouver-based duo Focus Your Audio is back with their brand new single "Over There". Their new Roots-infused, Americana track was produced/engineered by Canadian music powerhouse Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother) and co-engineered by Karl Dicaire (Mother Mother, Iskwe, Big Wreck), and was lauded by legendary Canadian musician Ron Sexsmith as having an “imagined production and nice contemporary vibe”. "Over There" is a song about a disagreement - a truthful peek into the lives of the couple who make music together. A vulnerable, honest, call out to a partner,

Focus Your Audio both lyrically and sonically takes the listener through the unsaid aspects of a disagreement with music that matches the emotion of the song. The anthemic chorus, Sarah's undeniable vocal and lyrical talent and Bobby's musicianship all tie harmoniously together. As a quest to figure out how they got into the position they're in and what they can do about it, the tune will resonate with all listeners who have ever had an argument and wondered why they got there and how they can fix it. "Over There" is a song about the ones we love when caught in the storms of life. We wonder how did we get here? How are you over there when I’m over here? How do we navigate this? Making a conscientious decision to agree to disagree so that we don’t ruin ourselves as we weather those storms. Letting the foundation of love win every time." - Focus Your Audio 


Single - November June 19, 2020

“Shades” begins with delicate acoustic guitar stating the hook with electric guitar playing complementary lines. After the intimate vibe of the song is set, the expressive vocals by Sarah McArthur enter the first verse along with bass, and a four to the floor kick drum part while acoustic guitar continues playing the hook, and the electric guitar plays delicate fills in between vocal phrases."

A song about owning your own decisions and sometimes setting things on fire, fanning the flames & allowing the regrowth to come after the heavy heat. Not only did Canadian powerhouse, Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother) produce & engineer this song but he played the additional instruments on the track. As well, Johnny Andrews (Hey Ocean, Tegan & Sara) lent his incredible percussion talents to the track. "Shades" has over 120,000 streams and remains one of Focus Your Audio's most loved tunes! 


Single - November 8, 2019

"There are songs out there to just listen to on the go. The new release of Focus Your Audio doesn’t fall into this category. In my opinion this song aims for nothing less than letting the listener experience the feelings of the singer. And it hits the mark.

With a soft and defensive backing of piano, strings and a guitar, the stage is set for those awesome vocals of singer Sarah. This track has a special appeal to me since there’s a special feel attached to the vocals. You can feel the energy that lies hidden in them. Although this track being a soft and defensive ballad, there’s this undeniable energy waiting to break free like a caged bird." Florian Maie, KMS Reviews

Written about a loved one struggling with addictions & mental health issues, it's a story of realization & hope, of overcoming and "knowing you're doin' alright." The second single off Focus Your Audio's self-titled EP,  "Masquerade" received 40,000 plays in it's first week of release and was added to BBC's "Normal People" official Spotify playlist.

Produced/engineered by multi-Canadian award winning talent, Sheldon Zaharko, this song took flight. "Masquerade" was recorded at the iconic Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC with Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother), Johnny Andrews (percussion - Hey Ocean), Marc Gladstone (keys - Prism) & Finn Manniche (cello). 

"The Risk of You & Me"

Single - October 18, 2019

The first single off their self-titled EP, "The Risk of You & Me" mirrors the musical partners real life & was written for those who love unrelentessly, this song quickly became a favourite off the EP. Co-written with CCMA nominated & showcased singer-songwriter, Dave Borys, "The Risk of You & Me" was added to major movie Spotify playlists garnishing a dedicated following. 

Debut Self-titled EP

December 2019

This EP was recorded analog at the iconic Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC. Gathering the incredible talents of Mike Young (bassist - Mother Mother), Johnny Andrews (percussion - Hey Ocean), Marc Gladstone (keys - Prism) & Finn Manniche (cello). Under multi-Canadian award winning & nominated engineer/producer, Sheldon Zaharko this EP became instrumental in guiding their musical direction. "Lesser You"  received a Best Engineering nomination by BreakOut West 2020 on this EP.  Congrats Sheldon!!

These songs showcased their exquisitely intimate yet powerful sound. Sarah’s voice is tremendously passionate and raw. Their lyrics derive straight from the basements of their bleeding hearts. Their songs are beautifully emotive and tremendously moving. They embarked on a tour in western Canada with American award winning folk artist Tobias the Owl. With having the privilege of opening for Juno nominated Canadian artist, Samantha Martin & The Delta Sugar at the iconic Ironwood Stage in Calgary Alberta, to celebrate the release of this marvel of a record. 


Single - March 25, 2019

The first release from the duo, "Broken" was recorded with producer Tommy Mac (Hedley) & engineered by Karl Dicaire (Big Wreck, Devin Townsend Project, 54-40, Mother Mother) at Beatlab Studio in Aldergrove, BC. Broken has had international radio play and received heartfelt reviews with it's release. “Broken” is one of the most powerful set of lyrics that I’ve ever heard.  The whole song, personally describes my own experiences from being broken. And, how I actually ended up writing music reviews and blogs. I had to have the lies I believed about myself, exposed to The Light and healed. The beauty and strength of being broken." - Susan Varnes-Newland, Seattle Wave Radio